why evoluos

Our own social investments target primarily (but not exclusively) small and mid-size grassroots NGOs working on effective and innovative solutions to social problems. We also develop partnerships with companies and foundations that are interested in investing socially but do not have the human capital and in-house expertise to make social investments in a proper, efficient and accountable way.

Making effective social investments is more than just about giving money. It involves a proper (but not overly-onerous and costly) process of finding the right social entrepreneurs and the right organizations in targeted areas, assuring their personal and organization integrity, deciding the size and timespan of the financial support to be offered, offering non-financial resources and knowledge to ensure proper continuity and effectiveness, and monitoring the progress and results of their work.

Evoluos Foundation was created to provide a platform for donors  to ensure that their philanthropic objectives are effectively and efficiently fulfilled.

We accomplish that by working through the following process:

  • Annual Selection of Projects – the selection process is composed of finding NGOs with projects which meet specific criteria, undertaking a background check and performing due diligence, and holding fact-finding meetings with the persons/community impacted by the work of the target NGO;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation – regular assessment of NGOs use of funds according to their purpose and mission;
  • Capabilities Improvement – further support via training and knowledge transfer in order to improve NGOs operating capabilities and long-term sustainability;
  • Donor-Selected Program – a service enabling donors to channel support directly to projects and causes of their choosing via Evoluos Foundation.

Finally, the pooling of funds in a single Swiss tax-exempt structure provides the added benefits of lowering costs through scale and the tax-deductibility of donations.